Haldern Pop Festival 2015 – Dates and advance ticket sales


Afterthought – Haldern Pop Festival 2014

Normality has returned to the village and the temporary pedestrian zones have vanished. The wonderful music of the festival now concluded still rings on our ears, stored for further use when we feel the need. Sometimes only a few moments or metres separate the event from everyday life. Inextricably linked, like sound and silence.

Meadows and fields are in a visible cycle of recovery, villagers look sanguine and soothed. There’s a fair this weekend, the carousels are being set up elsewhere, but the stories from our three days will be passed around this coming weekend like hot cakes. There is so much to tell, so many wondrous concerts, surprises, disappointments and encounters to remember. Connected by collective experiences.

This year’s festival manifested in rather remarkable, unexpected fashion, something which appealed not only to the music lovers amongst us, it created a magically warm and harmonious atmosphere throughout the whole village and on the old riding grounds, an ambience so sweet that it will grace our conversations and sustain us for some time to come.

What makes a good festival? The answer to this question lies, we often believe, in the concoction of secret recipes, coaxed into gainful sequence. We are in agreement that the music has brought people together in this spot on the Lower Rhine for years on end, but what then happens is down to the interaction of everyone concerned and the greatest common denominator of so many distinct personalities, all to be handled with care.

Strong relationships are based on trust, they are something to be treasured as they are earned. Every year we are offered persuasive proof hereof, thanks to our audience and artists. We would like to thank them for this, wholeheartedly and unreservedly. For us, it was truly a festival. We hope that the positive reverberations will continue for many months and ultimately convert to the energy required for another glorious festival in 2015.

Haldern Pop Festival 2015– Dates and advance ticket sales

The 32nd Haldern Pop Festival will take place on  13th – 15th August 2015 in Rees-Haldern on the Lower Rhine.

Advance ticket sales begin on 1st October 2014 at 8pm.
Haldern Pop Festival 2015 tickets will be sold in two categories:

Category 1 – 85 € plus 10% order fee (1500 early bird tickets)

Category 2 – 90 € plus 10% order fee

Festival tickets can be ordered at with a maximum of  6 tickets per person.
Tickets must be paid for within 14 days.

Thanks for listening,

Your Haldern Pop crew


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