The Slow Show – Ordinary Lives (Official Video)


The Slow Show haben mit Ordinary Lives ihr erstes offizielles Video zum aktuellen Album Dream Darling veröffentlicht. Alle Deutschlandtermine der Band im November sind übrigens restlos ausverkauft.

The video for ‘Ordinary Lives’ has been created from vintage photographs found in a series of photo albums dating from the 1960s to the 1980s. Using a technique called parallax animation, parts of each photo have been animated dimensionally, in this case in very subtle way like simple movements, scales, and fades. The effect is hauntingly poignant.

Say the video’s director SpringerParker: Most of the photographs show a woman standing somewhere in a scenery – scenes from life and travels, being taken by her husband, who unintentionally but naturally documented the change of the times, by means of fashion, hairstyles, cars, the photo material itself and last but not least, the ageing of his wife.

We can only assume that the couple passed away years ago, along with their stories, and the fact that nobody was interested in keeping the photos inspired us to bring these forgotten memories back to life. These images are dedicated to people who have been forgotten, people who loved and were loved, crossed other people’s paths and touched their lives. People who lived their ordinary and not so ordinary lives.

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